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NOTE: The official repository is available in a later version. If you want to share your work or get support for your company please contact us directly.

A continuous integration server helps you with the quality control of your project.

Continuous integration at xworlds

The continuous integration server is an additional service within xworlds. It is only allowed for modules that are hosted at xworlds. To understand what a CI server does you should read the wikipedia article.

To enable continuous integration you need to specify it for either a single module or version. The CI server can either simply build the project or even release them on demand. That means: as soon as there is a new version in your version control system the CI server is able to deploy both, the modules and the site.

After creating a CI server follow the steps to configure the behaviour. You may change the configuration later on as you like. What a while and you will see that the CI server starks working and starts scanning and building the versions. The CI links are available to public.

To let the CI server work correctly it will scan for the correct values in the pom.xml. That means: The deployment section and the url must be valid. If you change anything here the CI server will complain.

Clicking on a module or a single version shows the CI server result as links. You can then navigate through the links and see the build results.

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